Years of birth: 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030

About the sign

The dog is the eleventh sign in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac. Her years: 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030, 2042, etc. Luck numbers are 3, 4, 9, and the colors are green, red, purple. High compatibility - Rabbit, low - Dragon, Rat, Rooster. The representative of this sign of the Chinese horoscope is distinguished by the following character traits: valiant, loyal, responsible, intelligent, sensitive, conservative, stubborn, emotional, courageous, lively.

Chinese Zodiac - Dog

People born in the year of the Dog are distinguished by restlessness, fussiness, anxiety and the ability to develop a violent activity for any reason. They want to solve the problem now and immediately, so confusion can arise. The dog itself gets tired of its eternal haste. Because of this, the representative of this sign of the eastern horoscope often suffers from insomnia, nervous breakdowns and complains of fatigue. Naturally, this affects behavior, turning a person into a tyrant.

Dogs are not very kind, but they show goodwill to anyone who is not wary. You can talk heart to heart with them and discuss personal experiences. At the same time, communication is possible in a personal manner, since they will not be frank while sitting at the table with everyone. Representatives of this sign have a negative attitude towards drunk people, therefore they do not like gatherings at the table.

Often the Dog thinks about its own purpose in life, since it seems to it that it is not useful enough to the world. Sometimes such thoughts lead to the development of feelings of guilt. For this reason, this sign is used to working hard, sparing no time and effort. The Dog never remains indifferent to other people's problems. This is a loyal friend, ready to help at any time. She will make every effort to understand the current situation and find solutions. In some places she is prone to self-sacrifice and is ready to give everything for the well-being of another person. The position of the Dog is - may there be peace in the whole world.

Representatives of this sign of the Chinese horoscope are afraid of something new.

Often the Dog clings to the past and is not ready for drastic changes in life. She will refuse to take the risk, preferring stability.

People who were born this year have a heightened sense of justice. Any manifestation of dishonesty outrages them, so if they know the truth, they will definitely reveal it. Thanks to these qualities, the Dog is respected and appreciated in society.

Dog Character Benefits

Astrologers call responsibility the strength of this sign of the eastern horoscope. They bring to the end whatever business they undertake. The dog works efficiently, pays attention to detail and takes into account all the details. The Dog is self-critical of its own person, which is why it is often insecure. Usually such people are looking for perfect solutions and strive for excellence.

The representative of this sign is reliable and not inclined to make false promises. The dog will always come to the rescue if a loved one is in an unpleasant situation. She will give everything she has for the sake of a friend, including her attention. Such a person is simply not capable of betrayal, will not weave intrigues, infringing on the interests of others. The dog formulates its position clearly and honestly, and also acts fairly.

The dog is incredibly perceptive, so it observes a person for a long time before letting him into his own life. Intuition rarely fails this sign, and sometimes wariness towards a certain person is confirmed by time. From the outside, it seems that the Dog is too pessimistic, but this character trait helps to avoid conflict situations and disappointment.

Dog in the Chinese zodiac

Disadvantages of the character of the Dog

The dog is constantly insecure and too self-critical. She concentrates on little things that are not worth any attention. Representatives of this sign carefully analyze their every step and look for mistakes, which may not be. When a Dog cannot achieve something in his work, he is very worried about this. Disappointment can lead the Dog to depressive states, which interferes with concentration and finding a way out of this situation. She's just wasting time that she could use more effectively. Often, those around them see a strong-willed and strong person in front of them, but in fact, behind this mask, a pathologically insecure Dog is hiding.

People born this year have a rare ability to look for a problem where it does not exist. They are too suspicious, looking for a catch and constantly being vigilant. Because of these negative qualities, the Dog has misunderstandings in relationships with loved ones.

Male dog

A man born in the year of the Dog is bleak about his own life. He is too pessimistic, and his standard facial expression is always accompanied by a sad look. The Dog Man is afraid of starting a new day because of the unknown, and any new event forces him to analyze possible threats.

Such a partner becomes a loyal and devoted spouse. The Dog Man takes a responsible approach to work, but does not show any ambitions at all. If there is no person next to him who pushes him to achieve and motivates him, this sign will not achieve success in his career. He will prefer "tit in hand".

When a Dog man has professional stability, he is completely satisfied with the situation.

The representative of the stronger sex of this sign is very worried about global world problems. He too closely perceives everything bad that is on the planet, but he is not ready to work for the good of society. This leads to the fact that the Dog man becomes an excellent conversationalist with whom you can discuss various philosophical topics. He is fearful of risk and has a hard time getting out of his comfort zone, often refusing lucrative offers.

A Dog Man is able to become a grateful and benevolent friend. If he is attached to a person, then he constantly makes sure not to offend inadvertently or not to disappoint his friend. In any relationship, he gives a lot more than he receives.

Chinese Zodiac - Dog

Dog woman

Dog women are distinguished by their modesty and shyness, they are quiet and do not stand out. They feel comfortable alone, and also like to relax in silence. The fair sex, born this year, are incredibly demanding of themselves. They do not give in to fleeting emotions, they always act deliberately and in a planned way. At the same time, people are often drawn to the Dog woman, as she knows how to be friends.

The representative of this sign is attentive to trifles and judicious. She does not take unjustified risks, as she prefers a measured and calm life.

Some people may perceive her as boring because of this. A Dog Woman often seeks support, so she sees a partner with a stronger spirit next to her. In life, she is accompanied by pessimistic views, and excessive trust in people leads to frequent disappointments. Her kindness can be used, so the Dog woman needs protection.

The representative of the fair sex, born this year, devotes all her free time to her beloved business. She likes it when work can benefit the world, so she approaches this issue with dedication. She adores charity and is ready to give the last to those in need.

Compatibility Dogs

Business Love Marriage Sex Friendship Compatibility
Pig Pig 4/5
Rooster Rooster 4/5
Snake Snake 4/5
MonkeyMonkey 5/5
Goat Goat 3/5
Rabbit Rabbit 5/5
TigerTiger 4/5
Rat Rat 5/5
BullBull 2/5
Horse Horse 3/5
DogDog 4/5
Dragon Dragon 5/5

Rating Dogs

Mayor of London
1 Place
First Minister of Scotland and Leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP)
2 Place
Former President of the Untied States
3 Place
American singer
4 Place
English actress and model
6 Place
British journalist
7 Place
Spanish professional football manager
8 Place
American actor
9 Place
English actress and former singer
10 Place
Spanish racing driver
11 Place
English professional footballer
12 Place
Swedish comedian
13 Place
American comedian
14 Place
Paraguayan professional footballer
15 Place
American attorney
16 Place
Scottish professional footballer
17 Place
Secretary of State for Housing
18 Place
English actor and director
19 Place
Italian film director
20 Place
English actor
21 Place
Irish actor
22 Place
American actor
24 Place
Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP)
25 Place
British diver and television personality
26 Place
American actor
27 Place
Scottish novelist
28 Place
English professional footballer
29 Place
Scottish novelist
30 Place
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