Horoscope today For sign Pisces

TODAY 24 July 2024. MOON decreasing, NEW MOON 4 August.

Today Pisces doesn't bode well for anything significant. At work, it may be time to take stock and prepare for new projects, put things in order in affairs and plans, complete something and dot the i's.

At this time, it is better to cut down on communication with colleagues or acquaintances, do not waste your energy. Some apathetic mood is possible. Therefore, try not to overwork yourself, devote more time to yourself.

The second half of the day will be favorable. New useful acquaintances are possible. However, think carefully before diving headlong into the pool.

Business Horoscope

Today, not only Pisces, but also other representatives of the signs need to complete their official business. Therefore, it is possible that others will succumb to general hysteria and try to have time to resolve all their issues. It is likely that you will be able to do it better and faster than anyone else, for which the authorities will certainly mark you. If you've long dreamed of becoming a department manager or head of a firm, then it's time to ask for a raise. Luck is on your side.



Today Pisces will be so passionate about their work and desire to do everything that they will completely forget about their health. Representatives of this water sign are especially prone to emotional experiences and transmission.

The day can be very difficult for you in terms of moral stability. The best doctor in this, as always, will be a full sound sleep. It is he who will help you forget about problems and have a good rest. Take a relaxing bath before bed and go to bed.


Love horoscope

Today, Pisces is clearly not losing out if they give the palm to their partner. Let him / she be the leader in the family, and you better stay on the sidelines now. Venus promises the representatives of the sign a positive and good period in their personal life.

If your heart is free, Cupid recommends visiting a new place, perhaps a romantic meeting will be the first step in your further relationship. Such a small surprise for your efforts, which will turn into a full-fledged family.


Moon calendar

On the nineteenth day, the moon is wrecked. The energy of the day is unfavorable. Today, only creative people and individuals are lucky. Composure and discretion are required of you. Try not to leave the house, think over your actions, protect yourself from pride and deception. Walk through the apartment with a lit candle. It would be nice to sit by the fire. Do spiritual healing, work with energy, go to church. Be careful with new ideas, beware of drunken, inadequate people.

The energy center on the 19th day is the sigmoid colon and appendix. Symbols: Indian swastika (Zervan), Spider. Stones of the day: chrysolite, bloodstone, morion, jet, labrador.

Moon calendar

Day 19

Today 24 July.
Age of the moon 18.5 Days - decreasing.
Moon at 363,951 kilometers from the center of the earth.
Earth from the Sun at distance 151,947,447 kilometers.
Next new moon will be 11:14:21, 4 Aug 2024.


Rating Pisces

Italian sports journalist
1 Place
Australian actress
2 Place
Member of the British royal family
3 Place
English actress
4 Place
Argentine professional football manager
5 Place
English professional footballer
6 Place
Swedish comedian
7 Place
Scottish professional footballer
8 Place
English professional footballer
9 Place
English professional footballer
10 Place
English actor and director
11 Place
Australian filmmaker
12 Place
English professional dancer and choreographer
13 Place
Scottish politician
14 Place
American actress
15 Place
Portuguese actor
16 Place
American actress
17 Place
Norwegian professional football manager and former player
18 Place
English professional footballer
19 Place
British actor and comedian
20 Place
Irish professional snooker player
21 Place
American professional basketball player
22 Place
Chief Executive of Cancer Research UK
23 Place
English actor
24 Place
British Labour and Co-operative politician
25 Place
Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Apprenticeships and Skills
26 Place
Member of Parliament (MP) for Leicester East
27 Place
Northern Irish professional football manager
28 Place
Foreign Secretary
29 Place
English actor
30 Place


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