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21 March - 20 April

About the sign

General characteristics of the sign of Aries

The Aries sign is active, and even masculine. These people have such character traits that do not allow them to withdraw, withdraw into themselves and stay away from the current life. Aries are always open to the world around them, and are also one hundred percent sure that there is nothing easier than changing it, as soon as they want it, so they spare no money or effort to implement their plans.

Those born according to this sign are able to experience emotions throughout their lives that they do not even try to hide. Their actions and feelings are distinguished by inconsistency, and an unpleasant aftertaste after expressed anger or rage never remains on the soul. When leaving the house in the morning, a great mood instantly changes to a bad one, and completely imperceptibly.

Aries sign

Aries are extroverts, but do not overload themselves with the problems of the people around them. The whole world for them is just a background against which the representatives of the sign always look brilliant and stand out from others. Do not be surprised at this fact, since Aries do not understand people at all due to the fact that they are busy only with themselves, and this often leads to the fact that they become victims of sophisticated manipulations.

Aries' confidence and persistence does not allow them to include logic in life situations, although sometimes they use their extremely developed intuition.

Aries is known to open the zodiac horoscope thanks to the vernal equinox. It was then that all the signs were assigned unique names of modernity, when it was in this constellation. People who are fortunate enough to be born under this sign are endowed with determination and incredible strength, helping them to move forward even when everything does not go as they would like.

Although Aries are independent individuals and love freedom, they don't want to be alone.

Aries are often tireless and energetic, and they even make legends about their stubbornness, in addition, they are completely devoid of flexibility that would not interfere with them. Aries will never give in, even for tactical reasons, which harms this sign, especially at the beginning of life, when they have not yet gained experience that could moderate their innate fervor.

The optimism inherent in nature does not allow the representatives of this sign to give up positions even in the most unfavorable situations, nevertheless, criticism, especially coming from loved ones, can unbalance them, since their vain disposition requires constant recognition and encouragement of merits.

Aries never ask for anything, they just know what they need and are not afraid to tell about it.

Aries women have a strong character, which is softened by the softness inherent in the fair sex, but any obstacle on the way helps the zodiac sign take its own. The temper of the Aries-ladies is also complicated by their pronounced idealism, the difficulty of realizing people and accepting life as it is in all its glory.

Aries men amaze with their business acumen and assertive character, but they remain forever in their souls as children. Having naturally remarkable powers, they spend them on problems that are not worth even a fraction of their attention, nevertheless, they fail to concentrate to achieve the main goal. They don't listen to helpful advice, but they still expect sympathy when faced with setbacks.

Aries Man

Aries sign element

People of this sign belong to the element of Fire, and therefore are strong, indomitable and impetuous. Among other constellations, they are distinguished by some aggressiveness in all areas, including business and emotional. They can instantly change their activities and quickly recover from defeat.

For the weakest representatives of the sign of Aries, the fire element is destructive, since they are not able to cope with their energy, burning themselves, nevertheless, for the rest it provides an opportunity to take possession of the minds of others, seek adventure and strive for power.

Surprisingly, it is this sign that very often gets burns, including serious ones. This confirms their inability to properly use the talents inherent in nature.

Aries career and the profession of this sign

Aries are strong enough in achieving success in many areas, but their straightforwardness will be more appropriate not in politics, but in the ranks of the army. People of this sign will not be able to realize themselves in diplomacy without making themselves deadly enemies. All because of a lack of cunning and flexibility.

They are creative people and are capable of becoming artists in the truest sense of the word. They will be able to show the fullness of their talent in the sculptor's workshop and on the stage.

One ram is good, two rams are a lot

Young, ambitious Aries are often in a hurry to become famous, to gain power. Representatives of this sign do not stop dreaming of a worthy future, sometimes forgetting about the work that is necessary to achieve real goals, albeit sometimes modest ones.

Aries as subordinates for managers is a problem, since they do not recognize labor discipline, love freedom, easily get involved in the work process, but just as quickly forget about their main responsibilities. In other words, in a difficult situation they will show themselves at their best, because they become extremely hardworking, resourceful, and in general are reborn into the best crisis managers.

Aries Woman

Love, sex, marriage and compatibility

Aries tend to succumb to strong passions, sometimes so strong that one can feel happy. They fall in love easily, begin to consider a partner as ideal, and if they encounter the first flaw, they feel deception and disappointment.

Women are striking in their independence, but their love of freedom is sometimes absurd. Jealousy overwhelms them constantly. They cannot forgive their partner for what they are completely allowed to do themselves. Their amorousness could be compared to promiscuity if the bulk of their novels remained their pipe-dream.

Men of this sign quickly become addicted to the opposite sex and experience strong love. Their novels are full of beauty, but they end quickly, and all because of their selfish nature. Aries' partner must work day and night so that her man's interest in her never fades away, but in return she will get a chance to become the most beloved and adored.

Aries: fell in love, suffered from it, but still did not stop loving

The union of Aries with a person of his sign is always bright, but not strong enough. Just imagine two addicted people, both selfish in order to take care of the other half, so it's easy for them to get tired of each other.

The most harmonious union can be with Leo. Aries will find a common language with the noble Sagittarius, influencing him in the best way. A good union is also possible with Gemini. Relations with Capricorn and Cancer are mostly neutral. In these cases, we can speak, rather, not about spiritual unity, but about harmony between two intelligences.

With Libra, you should not expect a successful union, and if a break occurs, then it will bring pain, and not only to Aries. Aries also get along badly with Taurus, Pisces and Scorpions.

Aries are not selfish - they just know how to live for themselves. They are not arrogant - they just do not consider it necessary to smile for everyone. Not impudent - they just won't go into their pockets for a word. Not jealous - just used to being the only one

They begin to live a sexual life quite early, but upon reaching adulthood, in an intimate sense, they become more prone to bold experiments than experienced specialists in terms of eroticism. Aries' passion is always fresh, so they feel love for each new partner as if they had never loved before, and want to be the one and only for him. The activity and endurance given by nature make them also tireless.

In bed, as in any other sphere of life, Aries ask for constant approval and the highest appreciation of their abilities. By admiring and praising them, you inspire them to even more risky sexual exploits.

Aries woman is sometimes courageous in terms of sexual experiments, and if we talk about a man, then he is more careful, because it is terrible for him to fail, but he has no fear of appearing ridiculous, so he will not be afraid to invite his lady to make love in some unexpected place.

Aries is demanding, so there is a risk of scaring a partner, and then hitting him with attention and tenderness, combined with passion, turning into aggressiveness.

Love in the life of the sign of Aries

Aries health

The health problems of Aries, who are accustomed to the endurance and strength of their body, mostly always arise from themselves. They work endlessly, sleep little, do not recognize the principles of rational nutrition and regular physical activity. They just don't have the patience for it.

Almost all Aries are faced with head injuries sooner or later. In addition, the sign is prone to eye diseases and frequent headaches, and the visit to the doctor is constantly postponed, preferring self-medication on the principle of "it will go away somehow by itself."

Aries woman is a book written for a man. If a man does not understand her, then it was not written for him!

Their addiction to unhealthy food is reflected in the skin and manifests itself most often in the appearance of a rash, especially in the face.

Aries will be lucky if he meets a person who is able to show tactics and unobtrusively remind him that for health you need to devote time to rest, walks, regular and proper nutrition - in general, try to take care of your body.

Aries culinary preferences

Aries love to cook food exclusively over an open fire and avoid fresh fruits and vegetables in their diet. They need food rich in vitamins.

People of this sign do not need diets, since they need calories in order to restore vital energy.

Do not forget to include fish and other types of seafood in your daily diet.

Aries child

Little Aries are usually restless, love to invent and invent, and therefore always create problems for their parents. All sorts of miracles constantly happen to these children - they become heroes of unthinkable stories, run away from home, or organize a revolution on the scale of the school.

Raising an Aries child is always difficult. The most important thing here is to try not to be too strict, but also not to be too flexible, since Aries will not be able to understand what self-discipline, responsibility and organization mean.

Usually little Aries do not know how to cheat, but this is not always the case. They often have a special intuition that helps them recognize lies. Initially, they assume that others can do it, and then they tend to always tell only the truth. Over time, the tendency to expose others diminishes, and the special gift of deception never appears.

Aries are not perfect - neither externally nor in character. But they are the best at being themselves

Aries are big dreamers and constantly invent something. They have the ability to imagine something that does not exist in nature at all, and even talk about it in great detail in such a way that adults have no choice but to believe it.

Aries have many abilities. They can easily engage in both the humanities and natural sciences, as well as exact ones, they love to play music and draw. Their school success directly depends on teachers, who must arouse Aries' interest in a particular area in order to take a leading position among their peers and even bypass teachers.

Curiosity, mobility, and inattention, characteristic of Aries, become an explosive mixture, which leads the representatives of this sign to frequent visits to the doctor's office and the trauma center. It will not be possible to keep the little representative of this sign from research and adventure, but it is necessary to try to teach him to be careful.

Aries Child

The belief that Aries are children all their life is a delusion. It would be much more correct to say that they retain for a long time such character traits as hot temper, a painful sense of justice, idealism, intransigence, vulnerability and sensitivity, hidden under the guise of cynicism.

Personalities born under the sign of Aries

Mstislav Rostropovich, Arthur Haley, Eric Klepton, Joseph Haydn, Helmut Kohl, Charles Baudelaire, Modest Mussorgsky, Tinto Brass, Jean Paul Belmondo, Gerhard Schroeder, Akiro Kurosawa, Rene Descartes, Adolf Hitler, Charles Chaplin, Otwentin Taranto von Bismarck, Colin Powell, Gary Moore, Erich Fromm, Elton John, Steven Seagal, Simone Signoret, Napoleon III, Jackie Chan, Dayana Ross, Lavrenty Beria, Rivaldo, Meraia Carey, Giacomo Casanova, Vincent Van Gogh, Marlon Brando, Rafael Santi 

Compatibility Aries

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Rating Aries

Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social Care
1 Place
British politician and barrister
2 Place
English television presenter
3 Place
Scottish actor
4 Place
British broadcaster and former politician
5 Place
6 Place
English actor and comedian
7 Place
British business magnate
8 Place
English broadcaster
9 Place
British novelist
10 Place
English actress
11 Place
English television presenter
12 Place
Shadow Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster
13 Place
Spanish professional football manager
14 Place
Irish comedian
15 Place
Secretary of State for Science, Innovation and Technology
16 Place
English singer, pianist and composer
17 Place
French professional footballer
18 Place
English actor and filmmaker
19 Place
Governor of the Bank of England since 16 March 2020.
20 Place
English cricket coach
21 Place
American actress
22 Place
American actor
23 Place
English singer and television presenter
24 Place
English singer
25 Place
French actress and film director
26 Place
English singer and songwriter
27 Place
Dutch professional footballer
28 Place
former track cyclist and racing driver
29 Place
Cabinet Secretary for Finance and the Economy
30 Place
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