This time next year, the crucial factor won’t be whether we have a new leader by October or December, but whether we have the right leader in place—someone who can rebuild the trust we’ve lost.
If we don’t recover the voters we deliberately, and arrogantly, spurned, we will turn the Conservative Party into the 21st-century version of the 20th-century Liberal Party.
The Conservative Party has forgotten who votes for it. There is a big divide in our country between metropolitan values and the rest of the country.
Because of the French working directive, we are not allowed to do the morning session and the evening session. They are really strict about it apparently. It’s quite a change for all of us because we are used to these really early sessions in the morning.
In the national interest, we will serve as an effective opposition. We will not oppose for the sake of it, but when we disagree with what the government is doing, it is our responsibility as the opposition to say so.
My Government will be committed to uniting the country in our shared mission of national renewal. We will serve every person, regardless of how they voted, to fix the foundations of this nation for the long term. The era of politics as performance and self-interest above service is over.
Ricky Gervais doesn’t just make us laugh on screen, he also knows how to make savvy real estate investments. His latest acquisition is a testament to his taste and success.
I have played for some big crowds before but there is an energy at Glasto that is just hard to find anywhere else. It was so amazing to feel that energy and be a part of it.
Serving my country and party since December 2022 has been an honour and a privilege. With Rishi Sunak’s decision to step down as party leader, it seems fitting for me to follow suit. A new leadership team will infuse fresh talent and innovative thinking to guide the party on its path of renewal.

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Andrew Garfield's Girlfriend Condemns 'Misogynistic' Backlash Over Their Relationship
23 July

Romance with Andrew Garfield Kate Tomas, a renowned spiritual mentor to celebrities and Andrew Garfield partner, has recently voiced her concerns about the media misogynistic portrayal of their relationship. Despite her accomplishments, includ

Houchen’s Plea for Civility in Tory Leadership Race
21 July
Civility Over Cranks In the wake of the Conservative Party's recent electoral setback, Tees Valley Mayor Lord Ben Houchen has urged potential leadership contender Suella Braverman and other party members to approach the impending leadership race wit
Damian Green and Steve Baker Endorse Tom Tugendhat for Tory Leader
20 July
Unity Over Division Tom Tugendhat has gained support from senior Conservative centrist Damian Green and leading Brexiteer Steve Baker for his potential party leadership bid. They argue Tugendhat 
BBC Olympics Coverage: Gabby Logan and Clare Balding Limited by French Employment Law
18 July
BBC Presenters Navigate Strict French Work Rules France’s strict employment laws have significant implications for BBC presenters during the Olympic Games. Let’s delve into the challenges faced by broadcasters and how they adapt to compl
Empowering Unions, Workers, and Tenants: Key Highlights from Starmer’s Speech
17 July
Starmer's Bold Plan Sir Keir Starmer used his first King’s Speech to enhance workers’ rights, empower trade unions, and strengthen tenant protections while pledging economic growth. The legislative plan includes applying V
Inside Ricky Gervais’ £15m Luxury Home: Exclusive Pictures and Renovation Details
16 July
Inside Ricky Gervais’s £14.75m Mansion Renowned comedian Ricky Gervais has recently made a significant investment in a £14.75m residence in London, marking the latest addition to his impressive real estate collection. This acquisit
Katy Perry Criticized for Using Incorrect Flag in Euro 2024 Post
15 July
Katy Perry's Flag Fumble Katy Perry, the chart-topping singer, found herself in hot water after a social media post supporting England during the Euro 2024 final. But it wasn’t her words that stirred controversy — it was the flag she cho

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13 May
ITN has appointed Ronke Phillips, Senior Correspondent for ITV News London, as its first Editorial Diversity Partner – a new role working across ITN’s three newsrooms – ITV News, Channel 4 News and 5 News, and ITN Productions. The p
12 May
Vertus, Canary Wharf Group’s residential leasing and operating arm, has reached stabilisation ahead of schedule at its pet-friendly development 8 Water Street in Wood Wharf. Launched in October 2020, 8 Water Street is one of Vertus’ three
11 May
Unilever is launching two pilots to trial warmer ice cream freezer cabinets with an aim of reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions by approx. 20 – 30% per freezer*, whilst ensuring the same ice cream quality and consumer experience. T
5 June
The countries and people of the Balkan Peninsula need to form up a new balance of strength in the context of cooperation and security in the region. This is necessary in view of the growing risks in the interethnic relations, socio-economic problems,
15 June
Vanisha’s appointment signals the next stage of growth for LGC’s diverse housing platform, as it seeks to scale its positive impact across its diverse investment portfolio that includes build-to-sell, build-to-rent, affordable housing, la
14 June
Barclays has joined forces with the Department for International Trade (DIT) to sign an industry-leading 5-year partnership agreement to broaden, deepen and sharpen efforts to drive increased exports and trade and investment opportunities for UK busi

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Chancellor of the Exchequer
PERNICE Giovanni
Italian professional dancer
NADAL Rafael
Spanish professional tennis player
STARMER Keir Rodney
British broadcaster and former politician
Polish professional tennis player
JOHNSON Alexander Boris de Pfeffel
Prime Minister of United Kingdom
HESTER Stephen
International businessman and chairman of Nordea Bank
British professional tennis player
American film director
NORRIE Cameron
British professional tennis player
English professional tennis player

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KEOWN Martin
English football pundit
Australian television personality
English singer and songwriter
DYER Danial
English actor and presenter
American actress
GRASSI Mitchell
American musician
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