Vanessa Feltz's Date with Tinder's 'Most Swiped Man' Transforms Her View on Romance
Vanessa Feltz's Date with Ti...
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Vanessa Feltz's Date with Tinder's 'Most Swiped Man' Transforms Her View on Romance

4 June 2024
2 min.
Vanessa Feltz's Date with Tinder's 'Most Swiped Man' Transforms Her View on Romance

Easy on the Eye

Vanessa Feltz has opened up about her date with Tinder's "most swiped man," Stefan-Pierre Tomlin. The TV and radio star, 62, shared that she is not looking for a serious relationship but just wants to "have a laugh" while dating.

Reflecting on her experiences, Vanessa said, "All I can say is he's very easy on the eye." Despite enjoying her date with Stefan, Vanessa remains single and is content with her life.

Vanessa also recounted a recent disastrous date, revealing to Bella magazine that she "couldn't stand him before the soup" but stayed for the meal. She explained, "We met through friends, and I really didn't like him. But the dinner was good, so I stayed."

Her appearance on "Celebs Go Dating" has influenced her perspective on dating. Vanessa shared, "I'm trying to learn not to dismiss someone too quickly. It's not easy, but I'm doing my best."

In addition to her dating adventures, Vanessa expressed interest in joining the cast of "Gogglebox." She mentioned wanting to appear on the show with friends like radio host Matthew Wright or businesswoman Linda Plant. "I'd love to do Gogglebox," Vanessa said. "I think Matthew and I would be as difficult and objectionable as hell. It'd be great."

Vanessa's single status follows her split from long-term partner Ben Ofoedu in February 2023 after his infidelity. She reflected on the breakup, saying, "I want to fall in love and be swept off my feet. Going out has been my self-care. I don't like the idea of being in an empty house and not seeing anyone."

Vanessa's stint on "Celebs Go Dating" didn't yield a lasting relationship and attracted criticism, including a clash with dating expert Anna Williamson. In her Daily Express column, she likened this to her time on "Celebrity Big Brother" in 2001, admitting, "My girls say their mother originated the snivelling sobbing disintegration of a well-known personality. It wasn't my finest hour, but you'd think I'd have learned by now. Wrong!"

Vanessa acknowledged the challenges of reality TV, noting, "The broadcast is edited for maximum ratings. If I’d been angelic throughout, they'd have nothing negative to show. It's my own fault, and I take full responsibility for letting my boredom and frustration show."

Through all the ups and downs, Vanessa remains focused on enjoying life and having fun, without the pressure of finding a serious relationship.

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